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The sharing of knowledge, experience, and ideas. The place where situations are improved, skills grow, mindsets improve, and businesses scale.

Working day in and day out, being surrounded by the same people constantly, laser focus on the big picture, providing for yourself and those you care for, these are the tasks that you take on.

The rest of the world keeps moving at light speed and it's easy to miss things or feel left behind. This is where consultation fits in.

An outside perspective looking in, Listening and observing to see where the road-blocks are happening, pointing out the road-blocks that are (or may start) holding you back from where you belong.

Or perhaps a fresh idea is all that's needed to oil the wheel of fortune so it can spin freely.

I will bring all of my closing, copywriting, business, life experience, and creativity to your table, so you can succeed.

Where Does My Consulting Skill Come From:

After successfully running my own business for 10+ years I learned quite a bit about how to be a business owner and to put that mentality towards every aspect of my life.

As the business was being built I pursued a career in the corporate world to see what it was like on the other side of the table so I could also understand the mentality of the salespeople, marketers, and copywriters.

After the decision was made to sell the business I spent my time, even today, mastering and perfecting the art of closing/sales.
I still practice the skill and keep up with it so that I can constantly add value and understand current trends, going on 25+ years now.

I have also spent the last 5 years and some while my business was open, and still today, studying and crafting my copywriting skills. Much for the same reason I still keep up with my sales skills.

I have led teams of 2-15 people, I have helped start-up companies, and I have also helped people transition out of their roles when necessary. I have also worked side by side with hundreds of other freelancers, remote-workers, and virtual assistants helping them improve their lives.

If you look at the testimonials you will notice that I have a variety of people that I have helped through consultation over the years in just as many different levels of skill. Beginner to well-established.

If you are still skeptical, which I would be surprised if at some level you aren't, please send a message and we can have a quick chat to see if I am the right person to help you to overcome your current situation.


It doesn't matter if you are a sales person, customer service, tech support, amazon store owner, social media influencer, or traditional business owner, etc.

Anyone who works from their phone, laptop, or home computer - and not in a physical store or office owned by a company. You are considered 'working from home', 'working remotely', or in a 'virtual office' type situation.

You are who I am here to help. You are who I see could benefit from the support of someone who understands what you have gone through or are going through.

I am a stay at home father raising kids, maintaining a relationship with my significant other, and keeping a social life active, and running my own business. I am living proof that what you want to accomplish is possible.

I want to help you succeed so you can accomplish what you deserve.



One of the most instrumental components of a business. This is where the money is made when the client purchases a product or service.

This is also where you can struggle a lot.

Whether it's because you are new to the sales world, the lead gen is crap, or you work from home and are interrupted all the time. There are many reasons why you might struggle.

I've seen quite a bit in the sales world as I've been a part of it for 25+ years.

Let me use my knowledge and history to help you understand how to make the best of where you are at and then improve upon that to get you to where you deserve to be.

It's not always easy but it is very possible.



How do words make or break a business?

Every great business started out small and only grew larger because people found out about them and started to follow and buy from them. Look at Apple, Google, and Amazon.

It is ALL about copywriting, the use of written words to do the selling for you.

And now that all falls on your shoulders...
That can be a daunting expectation. With deadlines, writers block, poor communication, not to mention the clients who ignore or hate on your work.

I've had my share of these troubles in the last 5+ years while doing copywriting, and I can understand where you are coming from. Let me help you make this process less stressful, and back to being fun again.

Perhaps I can show you an example or two of mine if you are interested...

Virtual Assistants

One of the toughest and most under appreciated positions in a company.

You are the first line that customers deal with when they are trying to understand, fix, or find a product/service in your company.

You deal with the good, bad, ugly, and horrendous on a daily basis. This can wear on you very quickly and drain your energy and emotions easily.

Finding someone to lean on and just let loose about how you feel. Also finding a way to turn even the worst situation into a positive outcome.

And hey what's to stop you from taking those skills and moving to something better and bigger?



Running your own remote / virtual business, you've got a great idea, you put in the time and effort to get this far. Now you are looking to take the next step.

You've had to work around friends, family, legal issues, writers block, nay-sayers, and set-backs.

It's frustrating, it's exciting, it's stolen sleep, and it's made for some of the best days of your life. It's a roller-coaster of emotions and actions.

And through out it all, possibly even now, you feel like you are alone and no one understand what it's like to be in your shoes. Or perhaps you have the next idea for scaling up your company but don't know how.

Worst of all, you might be thinking of calling it quits because of a recent set-back.

That's where consultation comes in, let me sit down with you and help you see what you are dealing with from a new perspective, then find the right way to keep the business going the way you want it to go.

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